China's First Nuclear Test 1964 -- 50th Anniversary
China's Advance toward Nuclear Status in Early 1960s Held Surprises for U.S. Analysts, Generated Conflicting Opinions about the Potential Dangers

Tiananmen at 25 Years
Chinese Military Was Split over Bloody Suppression of 1989 Student Protests, DIA Reported

China May Have Helped Pakistan Nuclear Weapons Design, Newly Declassified Intelligence Indicates
CIA in 1977 Correctly Estimated South Africa Could Produce Enough Weapons-Grade Uranium "to Make Several Nuclear Devices Per Year"

U.S. Intelligence on Russian and Chinese Nuclear Testing Activities, 1990-2000
Prospects of Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Led China to Accelerate Testing Schedul

Declassified: Nixon in China" Cited by Television Academy for Outstanding Achievement in News & Documentary Research
September 19 Awards Ceremony Honors Archive Partnership With ABC News Productions & Discovery Times Channel

Nixon's Trip to China
Records now Completely Declassified, Including Kissinger Intelligence Briefing and Assurances on Taiwan

Negotiating U.S.-China Rapprochementr
New American and Chinese Documention Leading Up to Nixon's 1972 Trip

The U.S. "Tiananmen Papers"
New Documents Reveal U.S. Perceptions of 1989 Chinese Political Crisis


May 18, 2016
Will China Help Pakistan Get the Bomb?
Questions Pondered by State Department Intelligence in Recently Declassified Reports from the 1960s

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