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Various aspects of cyber activity – including hacking and defenses against hacking, cyber intelligence, and cyberwar – have been the focus of increasing attention over the last decade. One outcome of that development has been the production of a large, and growing, volume of documents by components of the U.S. and foreign governments, international organizations, and cybersecurity firms. Yet with all this growth researchers, practitioners, teachers, and commentators face the problems of excessive government secrecy and the scattering of relevant documents over a very large number of sites.

The Cyber Vault project is the latest element in the National Security Archive’s long-term commitment to monitor and illuminate key aspects of U.S. national security activities as a means of enhancing public understanding and government accountability.

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The Project has four main dimensions:

  1. the systematic use of the Freedom of Information Act and Mandatory Declassification Review requests to obtain documentation otherwise not available to those interested in cyber issues;
  2. expert acquisition of declassified and unclassified primary sources from government, industry, academia and other cyber actors;
  3. the robust online publication of searchable primary sources in permanent open access formats for use by the growing field;
  4. training and capability-building for graduate students and analysts in the collection and use of primary cyber sources.



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Cyber Vault Highlights
Briefing Book No. 590
May 3, 2017

40+ Primary Sources Every Cyber Student Needs

The United States and Cyberspace: Military Organization, Policies, and Activities
Briefing Book No. 539
January 20, 2016

The focus on cyberspace has increased dramatically in recent years – as illustrated by the increasing production of documents on the subject.

Cyberspace and U.S. National Security
Briefing Book No. 424
April 26, 2013

National Security Agency Tasked with Targeting Adversaries' Computers for Attack Since Early 1997, According to Declassified Documents.

The Secret Sentry Declassified
Briefing Book No. 278
June 19, 2009

Declassified Documents Reveal the Inner Workings and Intelligence Gathering Operations of the National Security Agency


The National Security Agency Declassified
Briefing Book No. 24
March 11, 2005

Internet wiretapping mixes "protected" and targeted messages, Info Age requires rethinking 4th Amendment limits and policies, National Security Agency told Bush administration





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