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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

The Ten Oldest Pending FOIA Requests

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Freedom of Information Act Audit

Press Release
Executive Summary
The Ten Oldest FOIA Requests in the Federal Government
Chart - Agency Response Times
Table - Oldest Outstanding FOIA Requests
Findings Regarding The Ten Oldest FOIA Requests and FOIA Backlogs
Summary Discussion of Individual Agencies
Update on Phase One: The Ashcroft Memorandum
FOIA Audit Phase One: The Ashcroft Memo



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Ten Oldest - SEC responded approximately 10 business days after the request was made; it reported ten FOIA requests ranging from March 1, 2002 to June 12, 2002. SEC indicated that it has no pending cases with other government agencies. The requests concern materials about PeopleSoft, Inc., The Stanley Works, Cisco Systems, USA Networks, Inc., Darden Restaurants, Inc., Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc., Vito Michael Randazzo, Harris Corporation, Compuware Corporation, and MeadWestvaco Corporation.
Workload Statistics - SEC's reported statistics from 1998 through 2002 indicate that the agency received a decreasing number of FOIA requests through 2001, and an increase in 2002 (up 12.50% from 3176 in 1998 to 3573 in 2002). The number processed each year has decreased (down 9.47% from 3190 processed in 1998 to 2888 processed in 2002). SEC's processing rate per year -- a comparison of the number of requests processed to the number received -- decreased from 100.44% in 1998 to 80.83% in 2002.
Backlog Statistics - SEC's backlog of pending FOIA requests has increased (from 114 FOIA requests pending at the end of 1998 to 821 FOIA requests pending at the end of 2002). SEC's backlog as a percentage of FOIA requests processed each year has increased from 3.57% in 1998 to 28.43% in 2002. Its backlog rate per year -- a comparison of the number of requests pending at the end of the year to the number received during that year -- has increased from 3.59% in 1998 to 22.98% in 2002.
Processing Time - Under its two track system, SEC reports that its median days to process simple requests has ranged from 7-16 days over the 1998-2002 period, and its median days to process complex requests has ranged from 82-151 days over the 1998-2002 period. The median days that backlogged requests have been pending ranged from 16-137 in 2002. SEC reports a median processing time for expedited requests of five days in 2002, but does not report processing times for expedited requests for any other year.



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