1 1 D E C E M B E R

From 7:30 a.m. (Moscow time) VG  gathered the generals to size up the situation. We
reported it to DF  — the tone of the conversation was moderate!!

After breakfast we went to the Embassy.

Cde. B. I. Aristov raises the following:
Questions: — working out the withdrawal of families;
    — aircraft to Brest for an evacuation;
    — kitchens to the Embassy to feed the Emb. guards;

11:30 Talks Between VG and Siwicki. They exchanged views. Siwicki requested that we come for
lunch at around 14-15:00 today.

Cde. Pavlov requested VG to speak with
D. F. Ustinov about receiving Vladimir

Aleksandrovich Kryuchkov in Poland.

“At this stage there will be no Soviet presence” — that is the answer we gave to
Com. Milewski in Moscow  (see the telegram of B. I. Aristov on 10.12.81)

— “You are distancing yourselves from us” - Jaruzelski

9:00 a.m. (Moscow time) 10.12.81
Instructions of D. F. Ustinov.
When you hold negotiations with the Polish side, it
is essential to emphasize that “the Poles themselves must resolve the
Polish question.”

“We are not preparing to send troops onto the territory of Poland.”
16:35 ?! VG arrived from the residence of Cde. Aristov, who reported on an extremely confidential basis that:
1. As instructed — Called - Jaruzelski and Milewski and raised questions:
(1) — We request that someone from the political leadership come to our country.
Who will and when?
(2) — To send a message of support to us. Aristov said that representation at the Center has been
(3) — Can we count on assistance of a military sort from the USSR? (about the additional sending of
(4) — What sort of measures of economic aid can the USSR provide to Poland?

1. No one will be coming.
2. Measures will be taken.
3. No troops will be sent.
4. Baibakov is providing an answer.

This is terrible news for us!!
A year- and- a- half of chattering about the sending of troops went on— now everything has disappeared.
What is Jaruzelski’s situation now?!

Siwicki. The date of the Actions is set for the eve of Saturday-Sunday.
Until this decision is implemented, it will not be made known.
Only a narrow circle of people know about it.

The situation is getting complicated. A session of “S” at the factory. Roughly 200 young thugs gathered.
Per Jaruzelski’s instruction, he reported:
When everything is prepared for the culmination, he
requests that the following questions be answered:
(1) The Soviet side would send for consultations on political matters in the plan for the introduction of martial
(2) later - a request to consult on economic matters. The economic
situation is dramatic. He thanked Baibakov. We understand
the inconvenience in the USSR, but we are counting on the provision
of aid in accordance with the decisions that were adopted
— we also viewed your arrival favorably.
For us this gives support in the matter of introducing martial law and struggling to overcome the crisis.
WW  is very worried that no one from the political leadership of the USSR has arrived
to consult with us about large-scale economic and military aid.
Just 24 hours remains until the very painful moment.
But we aren’t having political consultations on the
part of the USSR.
At this stage In a conversation via secure telephone
there can be no with Cde. Andropov, we understood
consideration at that we could count on assistance at
all of sending a 2nd stage of our operations.
But we don’t know how the Soviet Union
understands the 2nd stage.
WW raises this question because even though it was clear earlier, the
situation recently has changed.

The adversary is supported from outside and is making the situation more tense.
The church — whereas earlier it took a neutral position, it now is creating tension.
It might join forces with “S” and draw young people to its ranks, forcing a confrontation.
A week ago we appealed to the Sov. leadership — but there is no answer.
Cde. Jaruz. met yesterday with Aristov and raised questions of a political and economic nature. What is the
reaction now of the USSR to our actions?
But we received no answer.
— We are very worried about what the ambassador’s adviser on economic relations (trade) is reporting
today to the Min. of Foreign Trade (of 30,000 tons — 12,000 to be sent to Legnica).
This concerns only the deliveries that are already coming to us.
Summing up these problems:
— have had no meeting at the level of
Very the leadership. Consultations
Imp. — the economic question
and we cannot embark on any adventurist actions if the Sov. comrades do not support us.
Whereas Gromyko, Andropov, and Ustinov earlier would
come and see us, now no one is
coming. We aren’t receiving an answer to our questions.
Politb memb. W Wlad is very upset and nervous and put forth a
Econom aid  request that while there is time they receive an
Sending of troop answer by 10:00 a.m. on 12.12.
Otherwise we can extend the schedule for initiating it
by one day, this is the most we can wait.
“We are soberly evaluating the situation, and if there will be
no politic., econ., and mil. support from the USSR, our country
!! might be lost” (for the WTO)”
Without the support of the USSR we cannot go forward or take this step.
Psychologically, WW’s state of mind is very nervous.
With a heavy heart I report all of this to you.
— The leadership is resolute, but it’s necessary
to decide matters

WW wanted to travel to the USSR. But the time wasn’t suitable for us. I suggested traveling a bit earlier.
But the situation did not permit it.
We transmitted the requests to the ambassador, but have received no answer.
With what sort of polit. slogan must we act against the adversary. “The mechanism is operating; the bow is
stretched tight.” — This is along military lines.
We can defer the schedule for starting by a day: from Sunday to Monday (13./14.12). But no later.
VG I am not fully informed about what you transmitted to the ambassador.
I know what sort of work you carried out in preparing the introduction of martial law. It is very significant.
You do have the forces. That much we know.
If the church is stepping up its activity, that’s because you did not give a rebuff to the enemy. And the church is continuing to exert pressure on the leadership.
The leading officers for martial law are in good spirits, and there is no need to speak about any sort of adventurist action.
You have real strength. You insisted that Poland is able to resolve its problems on its own. The friends spoke to you about this matter, and you remember it.
We also spoke a lot about this at the DefMin Comm. mtg.
It’s now time to act. The date should not be postponed, and indeed a postponement is now impossible.
I don’t know what Andropov was saying.
But friends remain friends.
I will report all the questions to my leadership, and you must act decisively.
If the Church had caused tension, you obviously would feel your weakness. Evidently, that weakness lies at the center of this deterioration.
Yes, the mechanism has been neglected. We understand, and the leadership in Moscow understands. But does this mean that Cde. Jaruz. has not made a final decision?? Is that so? We would like to know this.
As far as the arrival of Baibakov is concerned, he examined all the questions and said that the gov’t will consider them.

Siwicki About “Adventurism.” We link this word with polit. consultations.
We don’t want to show the role of the party in this conflict
How does the Soviet leadership assess our polit. our line.

We are embarking on this action under the slogan “Salvation of the Motherland” and “National Salvation.”
It was in this sense that the term “adventurist action” was being used.
VG Why has the question of military assistance arisen? We already went over all aspects of the introduction of martial

Siw. The decision has been made. The premier requests that you look upon these matters with understanding. And again reminds you about his requests. Without help from outside, it will be difficult for us, the Poles.
The enemy has said his final word. The sides have clearly staked out their positions. Now what is needed is a resolute struggle against the counterrevolution.
A “Military-Revolutionary Council of National Salvation” has been formed and is already beginning to act.
“They want to arrest 50 people from the old leadership.”
Mutual thanks and greetings.

P.S. Siwicki left here dissatisfied. He got nothing new and heard nothing new from V.G. The WTO C-in-C has been restrained by Moscow!!
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9:30 The WTO C-in-C held talks with Cde. Gurunov and gave an explanation along the lines of our telegram of yesterday under three signatures: Aristov, Kulikov, and Pavlov

The ciphered message is very bad. The introduction of martial law is made dependent on the fulfillment of four points. Jaruzelski is demanding a meeting at the highest level, an answer about the provision of
military assistance, etc.