i . For the ample warning of the coup received by the State Department and the intelligence community, see Theodore A. Couloumbis, The United States, Greece, and Turkey: The Troubled Triangle (New York, Praeger, 1983), 85-88.

ii . Nicos Sampson, a right wing Greek operative, installed by the Greek junta as president of Cyprus. When the Greek military regime collapsed on 23 July Sampson lost power. Couloumbis, The United States, Greece, and Turkey, 95.

iii . It remains to be learned whether Kissinger actually believed this claim. With their concern about the safety of Turkish Cypriots, the Turks needed no encouragement to invade.

iv . Cypriot politician Glavkos John Clerides (b. 1919) was president of the House of Representatives during the 1960s. When the Nicos Sampson regime fell on 23 July 1974, he became acting president through December. Since February 1993, he has been Cyprus's president. Rauf R. Denktas (b. 1924), a Cypriot politician aligned with Turkey, was vice president of Cyprus during 1973-1974 (?). During 1975-1983, he was president of the Turkish Federated State of Cyprus. Since 1983, he has been president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

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