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10 Years After E-FOIA,
Most Federal Agencies Are Delinquent

The Knight Open Government Survey 2007

E-Stars and E-Delinquents

Press Release

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Executive Summary

E-Stars and E-Delinquents


Electronic Reading Rooms: File Not Found

FOIA Guidance for the Public: File Not Found

FOIA Web Sites: Missing Links




Appendix One: Glossary of Agency Acronyms (PDF-57 KB)

Appendix Two: Glossary of Internet Terminology (PDF-57 KB)

Appendix Three: Web Site Review Data (PDF-81 KB)

Appendix Four: Web Site Review Template (PDF-128 KB)

Archive's Letters to E-Delinquents

Sunshine Week Homepage

In alphabetical order

Department of Education
Goes above and beyond what is required with guidance and tools for requesters. Good guide, FAQs, FOIA request and appeal checklist. Excellent online FOIA appeal and request forms. Most of the required documents are available.

Department of Justice
Portal scheme links component FOIA sites and reading rooms. Excellent FOIA Reference Guide. Comprehensive index of major information systems. Well-organized electronic reading room.

Federal Trade Commission
Well-organized electronic reading room with extensive records. Good guidance FOIA request checklist.

National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Uses portal scheme to link all component FOIA Web sites. Good proactive disclosure (posted materials related to Space Shuttle Columbia). Comprehensive guidance.

National Labor Relations Board
Excellent navigation scheme. Site is well organized and very easy to follow. Good guidance. Electronic reading room with a lot of available information.


In alphabetical order

Air Force (Department of Defense) Also here.
Two distinct FOIA sites, one hidden from main agency home page. Minimal guidance. No required records. Several broken links. Inaccurate information for some sub-components.

Department of Defense
Poor site structure and design. Disorganized, unsearchable electronic reading room. Many required documents could not be located

Department of Interior
No guidance currently available. Poor organization and badly-identified links. Difficult to navigate. One large component, Bureau of Indian Affairs, has no FOIA site.

Department of Labor
No central reading room and no required documents available. Several components (ETA and EBSA) lack FOIA sites.

Federal Labor Relations Authority
Two distinct FOIA pages, each very difficult to find from main site. Poor guidance. No required records available.

Immigration & Customs Enforcement (Department of Homeland Security)
No dedicated FOIA page. Very limited guidance. No required documents.

Office of the Director of National Intelligence
No guidance for requesters, only contact information provided. Limited electronic reading room.

Office of National Drug Control Policy
No substantive guidance. No required documents except annual reports. Poor navigation.

Small Business Administration
Very poorly organized site, particularly guidance materials. Few required documents available. Documents and information very difficult to locate.

Transportation Security Administration (Department of Homeland Security)
Limited guidance for requesters. Few, poorly-identified records in electronic reading room. Difficult to navigate.

U.S. Trade Representative
No FOIA link on agency home page. No required documents identified on FOIA site. Guidance scattered and incomprehensible.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Very limited guidance. Site is poorly organized. Information is difficult to locate. Several broken links to required documents.

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