Excerpts from finding aid to tape WTH-16 . We have deleted lines for clarity and indicated so in square brackets.
Extractos de la ayuda de busqueda a la cinta WTH-16 . Hemos eliminado lineas para mejor claridad y lo hemos indicado en paretesis cuadrados.

Conversation No. 16-36

Date:  December 7, 1971
Time:  6:51 pm - 6:55 pm
Location:  White House Telephone

The President talked with William P. Rogers.

[See Conversation No. 631-11C]

     State dinner
          -H. R. (“Bob”) Haldeman
          -Rogers’ schedule
               -Violinist [Itzhak Perlman]
               -Pianist [Rita Reichman]
          Rogers’ schedule

     Rogers’ meeting with Senators, December 6, 1971
          -Edward M. Kennedy
          -Edmund S. Muskie
          -East Pakistan
               -US policy
                     -Conversation with Rogers
          -Michael J. Mansfield
          -J. William Fulbright
          -Margaret Chase Smith
          -George D. Aiken
          -Norris Cotton
          -Robert P. Griffin
               -US policy
                     -Economic assistance
          -Frank Church

     Emilio G. Medici
          -Lunch with Rogers
               -US Ambassador

[16 lines]



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