Excerpts from finding aid to tape WTH-602 . We have deleted lines for clarity and indicated so in square brackets.
Extractos de la ayuda de busqueda a la cinta WTH-602 . Hemos eliminado lineas para mejor claridad y lo hemos indicado en paretesis cuadrados.

Conversation No. 601-36/602-1

Date:  October 26, 1971
Time:  Unknown between 9:01 am and 11:09 am
Location:  Oval Office

[256 lines]
Spiro T. Agnew entered and Haldeman left at 10:00 am.

[147 lines]

     US foreign relations
          [23 lines]
          -Human rights
                     -Emilio Garrastuzu Medici
          -UN vote on Taiwan expulsion
               -Shah of Iran
                   -Douglas MacArthur, II
               -The President’s view
               -Charles McC. Mathias
                   -UN budget
[247 lines]