Photos from the SALT II conference, Musgrove, 7-9 May, 1994

  • For information on individuals in photos, see Conference Materials section.
  • Photo credit: Photos from National Security Archive Web posting on the Carter-Brezhnev conference, "SALT II and the Growth of Mistrust," St. Simons Island, GA, 7-9 May, 1994.

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  • Conference organizer Jim Blight points to Andy Warhol's portrait of President Carter

  • Jimmy Carter, portrait by Andy Warhol.

  • Cyrus Vance and Zbigniew Brzezinski greet each other upon arrival at Musgrove as Viktor Sukhodrev (seated), janet Lang, and Jim Blight look on.

  • The conference setting, Grove House, Musgrove.

  • (Left to right): Anatolii Dobrynin, Nikolai Detinov, Odd Arne Westad, Geir Lundestad, Robert Legvold, Jim Blight, Harold Brown.

  • Anatolii Dobrynin makes a point, as Viktor Starodubov looks on.

  • Cyrus Vance, Marshall Shulman, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Bill Odom, Stansfield Turner share a laugh at a quip by Shulman.

  • (Left to right): Viktor Sukhodrev, Anatolii Dobrynin and Sergei Kondrashev listen to Nikolai Detinov.

  • Zbigniew Brzezinski and Cyrus Vance compare notes.

  • Stansfield Turner and Mark Garrison.

  • Nikolai Detinov, Anatolii Dobrynin and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

  • Marshall Shulman and Malcolm Byrne.

  • Betty Garrison, Irina Arm and Andrei Falaleyev.

  • Jim Blight, Svetlana Savransakaya and Cyrus Vance.

  • (Left to right): Marshall Shulman (back to camera), Dick Clark, Sherry Jones, Viktor Sukhodrev, Harold Brown and Anatolii Dobrynin.

  • Marshall Shulman, Jim Blight and Mark Garrison.

  • Gullah singers from St. Simons Island perform during an evening BBQ.

  • Mary King introduces Gullah singers to the group.

  • Cyrus Vance and Stansfield Turner.

  • Viktor Sukhodrev.

  • Ilya Gaiduk, Svetlana Savranskaya, Anatolii Dobrynin and Vlad Zubok.

  • Malcolm Byrne, Nikolai Detinov, Ilya Gaiduk and Vlad Zubok.