CIA Cover-Up on Chile
Agency Tries to Hide Knowledge of 9/11/73 Coup Plotting

SECRET CIA REPORT: Pinochet "Personally Ordered" Washington Car-Bombing
PRESIDENT REAGAN INFORMED THAT PINOCHET's ROLE WAS "a blatant example of a chief of state's direct involvement in an act of state terrorism"

Los Quemados: Chile’s Pinochet Covered up Human Rights Atrocity
Chilean Dictator Rejected Police Report Identifying Army Units which Burned Alive Teenage Protesters in 1986

U.S. Covert Intervention in Chile: Planning to Block Allende Began Long before September 1970 Election
Nixon Alerted in Advance to Date of Coup, Retired CIA Operative Writes in Foreign Affairs

Kissinger and Chile: The Declassified Record
Kissinger pressed Nixon to overthrow the democratically elected Allende government because his "'model' effect can be insidious," documents show

Oscars: Declassified Documents Tell History Behind Best Foreign Film Nomination, "NO"
Once secret CIA, Defense and State Department records fill in gaps in Chilean film depicting media campaign to oust General Augusto Pinochet

Chilean Judge Requests Extradition of U.S. Military Official in "Missing" Case
Capt. Ray Davis Indicted in Chile for alleged role in murder of Charles Horman, Frank Teruggi

New Kissinger "Telcons" Reveal Chile Plotting at Highest Levels of U.S. Government
Nixon Vetoed Proposed Coexistence with an Allende Government Kissinger to the CIA: "We will not let Chile go down the drain."

On 30th Anniversary of Argentine Coup New Classified Details on Repression and U.S. Support for Military Dictatorship
Kissinger sought immediate support for the new military regime in spite of staff warnings on bloodshed

Chile 1964: CIA Coverty Support in FREI Election Detailed
Operational and Policy Records Released for first time

Nixon on Chile Intervention
White House tape acknowledges instructions to block Salvador Allende

Chile: 16,000 Secret U.S. Documents Declassified
CIA forced to release hundreds of records on covert operations

CIA to Release Covert Operations Records on Chile
Campaign to Force Disclosure yields 700 Documents

CIA Acknowledges Ties to Pinochet's Repression
Report to Congress Reveals U.S. Accountability in Chile

History Held Hostage
The CIA's Refusal to Declassify the Covert Record on Chile

CIA, State, NSC Documents Declassified on Chile
Administration Release Applauded; Concern Expressed


September 23, 2016
CIA: “Pinochet personally ordered” Letelier bombing
U.S. gives documents to Chilean President Bachelet on 40th anniversary

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