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The Chiquita Papers

Documenting How the World's Most Famous Banana Company Financed Terrorism in Colombia


Project Director Michael Evans
For further information, contact: Twitter: @colombiadocs



The Chiquita Papers is a unique collection of internal corporate records documenting the banana giant’s financial ties to a wide array of violent armed groups in Colombia. The Papers include tens of thousands of legal and financial documents that the company turned over to the U.S. government during federal investigations of its Colombian operations. The collection features nearly 400 pages of secret testimony given by seven top Chiquita officials describing how the company negotiated, approved, and delivered large cash payments to illegal armed groups on the left and the right. The National Security Archive won the release of the records after first suing the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and later helping to beat back a separate effort by Chiquita to block release of certain key records through a rarely-seen “reverse” FOIA action.





Chiquita Papers Document over $800,000 in Payments to Colombian Guerrillas
May 11, 2017

Chiquita Papers: Uncertainty Fueled Staff Concerns about Payments of Guerrillas and Paramilitaries
May 2, 2017

The New Chiquita Papers: Secret Testimony and Internal Records Identify Banana Executives who Bankrolled Terror in Colombia
April 24, 2017

Chiquita’s Terrorist Funding, Bureau of Prisons Admits CIA Afghanistan Prison Visit, and More..
December 2, 2016

Court Rejects Chiquita's Bid to Hide Terror Payment Records
July 17, 2015

“Did your fruit fund terrorists?” New Report Asks Why Chiquita Blocked 9/11 Victims Bill
October 8, 2014

Judge Rejects Chiquita’s Effort to Block Release of Documents on Terror Payments
November 20, 2013

Big Victory for Plaintiffs in Chiquita Paramilitary Suit
June 3, 2011

The “Cost of Doing Business in Colombia”
April 7, 2011

The Chiquita Papers: Banana Giant's Paramilitary Payoffs Detailed in Trove of Declassified Legal, Financial Documents
April 7, 2011


Chiquita Papers Are Key Evidence in International Criminal Court Filing
Groups Ask ICC to Investigate Banana Company Execs for Facilitating Crimes Against Humanity
May 18, 2017



“Colombians Seek Probe of Chiquita Execs for Terror Funding”
by Associated Press, The New York Times, May 18, 2017

“Colombians Seek Probe of Chiquita Execs for Terror Funding”
by Associated Press, The Washington Post, May 18, 2017

“Colombians Seek Probe of Chiquita Execs for Terror Funding”
by Associated Press, U.S. News and World Report, May 18, 2017

“La Bananera Chiquita Acusada de Crímenes Contra la Humanidad”
by Mercedes Arancibia, Periodistas en españ, May 20, 2017

“How Bananas Became Big—and Dangerous—Business in Colombia”
by Rick Paulas, Pacific Standard, May 19, 2017

“Con prueba en mano piden investigar a ejecutivos de Chiquita Brands por vínculos con Paramilitares”
Caracol Radio, May 19, 2017

“Piden a la CIP investigar a directivos de Chiquita Brands”
El Tiempo, May 18, 2017.

“Organizaciones piden a la CPI investigar role de Chiquita Brands en el conflicto armado”
El Espectador, May 18, 2017

“Pedirán a CPI indagar cúpula de Chiquita por apoyar paramilitares en Colombia”
Agencia EFE, May 18, 2017

“Piden a la Corte Penal Internacional investigar a Chiquita Brands”
by AFP, El Colombiano, May 18, 2017

“Chiquita Papers Reveal of $800,000 paid to Colombia Guerrillas”
by Stephen Gill, Colombia Reports, May 15, 2017

“Chiquita Papers Expose Executives”
by Marina Wang, Bogota Post, May 12, 2017

“La Sociedad Civil Lleva a Chiquita Brands ante la Corte Penal Internacional”
by Pilar Chato, Colombia Plural, May 18, 2017

“Defensores piden investigar a Chiquita Brands”
El Colombiano, May 19, 2017

“Piden a la CPI investigar a directivos de Chiquita Brands”
El Tiempo, May 18, 2017

“Colombia Chiquita Brands Paid Armed Groups for Defense: Report”
Telesur, May 3, 2017

“Chiquita ‘Contributed’ to Colombian Paramilitary Crimes, ICC told”
by Stéphanie Maupas,, May 18, 2017

“New ‘Chiquita Papers’ Expose how Banana Execs Fueled War and Terror in Colombia for Decades”
Telesur, April 25, 2017


“Did Your Fruit Fund Terrorists?”
By Natasha Del Toro, Fusion Media
October 8, 2014

"Underreported: The Chiquita Papers"
Radio Interview: The Leonard Lopate Show (WNYC)
April 14, 2011

"Court Documents Reveal Chiquita Paid for Security"
By Jim Lobe and Aprille Muscara
Inter Press Service
April 7, 2011

"Chiquita pagó por seguridad a 'paras': NSA"
El Espectador (Colombia)
April 6, 2011

"Militares colombianos habrían incentivado a Chiquita a pagarle a Auc"
El Tiempo (Colombia)
April 7, 2011

"Lo que prueban los memorandos de Chiquita Brands"
La Silla Vacía (Colombia)
April 11, 2011

"La práctica teórica"
By Antonio Caballero
Semana (Colombia)
April 9, 2011

"Cuestión de tiempo"
By Laura Gil
El Tiempo (Colombia)
April 7, 2011

"El oro del diablo"
By German Patiño
El País (Colombia)
April 10, 2011

"El Ejército pidió el primer aporte para los paramilitares"
Noticias Uno (Colombia)
April 11, 2011

"Revelan amplia relación de la bananera Chiquita con paramilitares colombianos"
By David Brooks
La Jornada (Mexico)
April 8, 2011

"Chiquita pagó por seguridad a los 'paras' de Colombia"
El Comercio (Ecuador)
April 7, 2011



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