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Openness in Russia and Eastern Europe Project


The Czechoslovak Documentation Centre
    · Dr. Vilém Precan, Director

The Institute of Contemporary History, Czech Academy of Sciences
    · Dr. Oldrich Tuma, Director

The Institute for the History of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
    · Dr. János Rainer, Director

The Cold War History Research Center
    · Dr. Csaba Békés, Director (and Senior Research Fellow at the 1956 Institute)

The Institute for Political Studies (IPS) of the Polish Academy of Sciences
    · Dr. Andrzej Paczkowski, Director of the Research Unit for Contemporary Political History
    · Dr. Pawel Machcewicz, Associate Professor in the Research Unit for Contemporary Political History

Academia Civica
    · Anna Blandiana, President

    · Arsenii B. Roginsky, Research Director, Research, Informational and Educational Center at Memorial

The Institute for General History, Russian Academy of Sciences
    · Dr. Alexander O. Chubarian, Director (Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Sciences)

The Cold War International History Project
    · Christian F. Ostermann, Director

The Openness Project has also cooperated with a range of other institutes, scholars, and human rights and public interest advocates throughout Central and Eastern Europe.  We have also begun working with  pro-democracy activists in the Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan), and have made a number of contacts with potential partners in the Central Asian republics.

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