Praise for Israel and the Bomb

"Cohen's book will necessitate the rewriting of Israel's entire History."
Tom Segev, Ha'aretz

"This is an extraordinary important book. Cohen has produced an amazing piece of historical scholarship on a subject deliberately shrouded in clouds of misdirection, for legitimate raison d'etat, by both Israeli and American governments…"
Samuel W. Lewis, U.S. Ambassador to Israel (1977-1985)

"Dr. Cohen provides a compelling and comprehensive account of the development of what he calls Israel's doctrine of 'nuclear opacity.'"
Paul C. Warnke, former Assistant Secretary of Defense

"Avner Cohen has managed to to gain access to the Kennedy-Ben Gurion and Kennedy-Eshkol correspondences in their entirety. He is thus able to present for the first time a chapter in the history of the young state of Israel-and of the USA-Israel relationship--which is known to only a very few individuals in both countries to date. One of the true thrillers in modern history."
Professor Yuval Ne'eman, former Israeli Minister of Science.

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