The Internationalization of Japan & Open Government: A Public Forum, UN University, Tokyo, Japan, June 1995.

Forum Report

Forum Transcript

U.S.-Japanese Relations and the Nixon Shocks: A Workshop and Planning Conference, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., March 1996:

Remarks by the Honorable Minoru Kusuda, Former Chief Secretary to Prime Minister Eisaku Sato

Report on Japanese Oral History Program and Remarks by Noboru Hoshuyama, Formerly with the Japanese Defense Agency, on U.S.-Japanese Defense Cooperation

Working Papers by Ando, Schaller, Soeya, Tanaka, Tucker and Zeiler

Power and Prosperity: Linkages Between Security and Economics in US-Japanese Relations Since 1960 - Research Fellows Workshop and Policy Roundtable, Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, University of California, San Diego, March, 1997

Working Papers by Murayama, Smith, Chinworth, Barnhart, Gallicchio, Oberdorfer and Izumi, Cohen, Green and Murata, Henning, Kojima, Kojo, Mochizuki, Tadokoro, Taniguchi and Yamakage.

Policy Roundtable Transcript - In Preparation

Revelations In Newly Released Documents About U.S. Nuclear Weapons And Okinawa Fuel NHK Documentary, May 14, 1997

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