The U.S.-Japan Project is supporting, with generous funding from the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, a ground-breaking series of policy studies by noted American and Japanese scholars into critical issues and episodes in the postwar evolution of U.S.-Japanese relations. Focusing on the linkages between security and economics in the developing political economy of the bilateral relationship, these studies will illuminate key "lessons learned" that are relevant to those who are now responsible for managing relations between the two countries as they enter the next century.

NOTE: Working Papers without links are currently being prepared for release.

Hiroshi Ando, Kozo Keikakyu Engineering, Inc. - Working Paper No. 3

Professor Michael Barnhart, SUNY-Stony Brook - Working Paper No. 9

Michael Chinworth, TASC, Arlington, Virginia - Working Paper No. 8

Professor Stephen D. Cohen, American University - Working Paper No. 20

Professor Marc Gallicchio, Villanova University - Working Paper No. 10

Professor Michael Green, The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and Council on Foreign Relations - Working Paper No. 17

Professor Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, The University of California at Santa Barbara - Working Paper No. 21

Professor Randall Henning, American University - Working Paper No. 18

Professor Hajime Izumi, University of Shizuoka - Working Paper No. 11

Professor Tomoyuki Kojima, Keio University - Working Paper No. 14

Professor Yoshiko Kojo, University of Tokyo, Komaba - Working Paper No. 13

Dr. Michael Mochizuki, The Brookings Institution - Working Paper No. 12

Professor Koji Murata, Hiroshima University - Working Paper No. 17

Professor Yuzo Murayama, Osaka University of Foreign Studies - Working Paper No. 6

Don Oberdorfer, The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies - Working Paper No. 11

Professor Michael Schaller, University of Arizona - Working Paper No. 2. Contact: E-Mail: SCHALLER@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU. Fax: 520-621-2422

Professor Yoshihide Soeya, Keio University - Working Paper No. 5. Contact: Fax: 81-3-3798-7480

Professor Sheila Smith, Boston University - Working Paper No. 7

Professor Masayuki Tadokoro, Himeji-Dokkyo University - Working Paper No. 15

Professor Akihiko Tanaka, Tokyo University - Working Paper No. 19

Professor Masaki Taniguchi, University of Tokyo - Working Paper No. 16

Professor Nancy Bernkopf Tucker, Georgetown University - Working Paper No. 4. Contact: Fax: 202-687-7245

Professor Thomas Zeiler, University of Colorado - Working Paper No. 1. Contact: E-mail zeilert@spot.colorado.edu. Fax: 303-492-1868

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