Note: These papers represent planned research and research-in progress. They should not be quoted or cited without express permission of the authors.

Working Paper No. 1: U.S. Foreign Economic Policy and Relations with Japan, 1969-1976 - Thomas Zeiler

Working Paper No. 2: The Nixon "Shocks" and U.S.-Japan Strategic Relations, 1969-1974 - Michael Schaller

Working Paper No. 3: Japan's Foreign Economic Policy and Relations with the United States, 1969-1977 - Hiroshi Ando

Working Paper No. 4: U.S.-Japan Relations and the Opening to China - Nancy Bernkopf Tucker

Working Paper No. 5: U.S.-Japan Relations and the Opening to China: The 1970s - Yoshihide Soeya

Working Paper No. 6: Studies on U.S.-Japan Military Technology Relations: Reviewing Japanese-Language Sources for Technology Transfers, Military Technology Frictions and the Defense Industry - Yuzo Murayama

Working Paper No. 7:Do Domestic Politics Matter?: The Case of US Military Bases in Japan - Sheila Smith

Working Paper No. 8: Defense-Economic Linkages in U.S.-Japan Relations: An Overview of Policy Positions and Objectives - Michael Chinworth

Working Paper No. 9: A Secondary Affair: American Economic Foreign Policy and Japan, 1952-1968 - Michael Barnhart

Working Paper No. 10: Japan in American Security Policy: A Problem in Perspective - Marc Gallicchio

Working Paper No. 11: The United States, Japan and the Korean Peninsula: Coordinating Policies and Objectives - Hajmie Izumi and Don Oberdorfer

Working Paper No. 17: The 1978 Guidelines for the U.S.-Japan Defense Cooperation: Process and Historical Impact - Michael Green and Koji Murata

Working Paper No. 20: The Route to Japan's Voluntary Export Restraints on Automobiles - An Analysis of the U.S. Government's Decision-Making Process in 1981 - Stephen D. Cohen

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