Bay of Pigs Declassified: The Secret CIA Report will be published in September 1998 by the New Press and the National Security Archive. Includes the full text of the report, the first joint interview with the managers of the invasion (Jacob Esterline and Jack Hawkins), a comprehensive chronology and biographies of the key participants. [Click here for more information.]

Inspector General's Survey of the Cuban Operation

Due to demand for the scanned image files of the report, ZIP files are available for download below. Each file contains approximately 50 JPG files and is 3-4 MB in size. The files,, and contain the pages from part I of the report. The files,, , and contain the pages from part II of the report -- the analysis of the Cuban Operation by Richard M. Bissell, Jr., the CIA's deputy director for plans.

Click on the name of the file you want to begin the download.

Part I

Part II

The following PDF files were created by Lenny Foner at MIT. They are easier to use for making printouts of the entire report. The files are each about 5MB in size.

ig-1-1-br.pdf ig-1-2-br.pdf ig-2-1-br.pdf  ig-2-2-br.pdf

The scanned images are also available for on-line browsing.

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