State Department Release on Chile Shows Suspicions of CIA Involvement in Charles Horman "Missing" Case

 On October 8, 1999, the U.S. Government released 1100 documents on Chile.  Among them is a declassified State Department report on the case of Charles Horman, an American citizen who was killed by the Chilean military in the days following the coup.

 This document was released once before in 1980, pursuant to a lawsuit filed by the Horman family.  At that time, significant portions were blacked out.

 The version released today reveals what was censored: the State Department's conclusions that the CIA may have had "an unfortunate part" in Horman's death.

 For complete copies of documents released today, see the State Department's web site at  Here we are providing both versions of this newsworthy document.

"Charles Horman Case" (Version 1)

"Charles Horman Case" (Version 2)