Document of the Month

The Document of the Month program was initiated in November of 1991. Every month or so, a document of historical or topical interest was selected from the Archive's FOIA acquisitions and sent, with a commentary by Archive director Tom Blanton, to Archive funders, Friends of the Archive, Librarians, the news media, and other researchers.

The Document of the Month mailing program has generated many favorable responses and is serving to stimulate discussion and allow us to put our documents into circulation beyond our university and research library subscribers. We see this frequent communication as another mean of getting our unique collections of documents into the public eye and attracting a wide variety of journalists, scholars, and other researchers into the Archive.

We now hope to reach an even wider audience by presenting and archiving these documents here on our WWW site.


  • (1) The Bush-National Archives Agreement and (2) The Weinberger File
  • Woerner Report on El Salvador
  • Possible Intention of Mexican Drug Organizations
  • Farsi Survival Guide from the 1980 Iran Hostage Rescue Mission
  • Operation Mongoose-Propaganda Balloon Operations Plan, 10 Oct., 1962
  • Joint Staff Letter, 25 January 1993, Regarding the "Destruction of Recorded Minutes of the Meetings of the Joint Chiefs of Staff"
  • President Clinton's March 24, 1994 Memorandum Titled Access to NSC Records
  • State Department 9 June 1975 MemCon, Cuba Policy on Henry Kissinger's Attempted Detente with Castro
  • The Rock 'n' Roll assault on Noriega. US SOUTHCOM Public Affairs After Action Report Supplement, "Operation Just Cause " Dec. 20, 1989 - Jan. 3I, 1990
  • Document of the Month, The Mexican Float -- Many Unanswered Questions by Robert Hormats, National Security Council, September 14, 1976
  • Anticipatory Action Pending Chinese Communist Demonstration of Nuclear Capability, Department of State, 13 September 1961
  • Overview for U.S.-Japan Structural Dialogue Tokyo, October 13, 1987, U.S. Department of State
  • TOP SECRETMemorandum for Mr. Herter from Gerard C. Smith, U.S. Department of State, August 13, 1958
  • Memorandum to the President [Nixon] from Patrick J. Buchanan, February 17, 1970

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