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Materials from the 40th Anniversary Conference
Havana, Cuba
10-12 October 2002

The tip of a Soviet R-12 (SS-4) medium-range missile, now a museum piece, points into the Havana sky

Listed below are the names of US, Russian and Cuban veterans of the missile crisis attending the conference:


Robert S. McNamara US Secretary of Defense (1961- 1968) and member of the ExComm during the crisis. Later President of the World Bank.
Theodore C. Sorensen Counsel to JFK in 1962, chief speechwriter, and participant in the ExComm. For 11 years was policy adviser, legal counsel and speechwriter to Senator and President Kennedy.
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Aide to JFK in 1962, specializing in Latin America. Later Pulitzer Prize winning historian of JFK and RFK.
William Y. Smith Air Force Major and aide to General Maxwell Taylor at the White House and the JCS in 1962. Later chief of staff, SHAPE ; Deputy Commander U.S. EUCOM; four star general.
Richard Goodwin Special Assistant to JFK and later Deputy Assistant Secretary for Inter-American affairs at the State Department.
Dino A. Brugioni Career CIA officer in charge of "all-source" intelligence and briefing preparation at the National Photographic Interpretation Center in 1962.
Raymond L. Garthoff Career CIA and State Department analyst, serving as State's Special Assistant for Soviet Bloc Politico-Military Affairs in 1962. Later US Ambassador to Bulgaria and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution.
Captain John Peterson Watch officer on the USS Beale, the US Navy destroyer that chased and surfaced a Soviet submarine on October 27, 1962. A career anti-submarine warfare and sonar specialist, he retired in 1980.
Captain William B. Ecker A US Navy reconnaissance commander, he flew the first low-level flight confirming the missiles in Cuba on October 23rd, 1962, and many additional overflights of Cuba.
Wayne Smith U.S. Embassy political officer in Havana from 1958 until the closing of the Embassy in January 1961. After the Bay of Pigs, assistant to the State Department's assistant secretary for Latin America, Adolf Berle; later, director for Cuban affairs in the State Department.


Georgy Markovich Kornienko Soviet attaché at the USSR Embassy in Washington in 1962. Later head of the US Desk of the Foreign Ministry and First Deputy Foreign Minister under Gromyko.
Anatoly I. Gribkov Head of the Operations Department of the USSR General Staff in 1962 and a main planner of Operation Anadyr. Official representative of the Defense Ministry in Cuba (Oct.- Nov. 1962). Later Chief of Staff, Warsaw Pact.
Dmitry Timofeevich Yazov Colonel and Commander of the special motorized rifle regiment Olgin in Cuba in 1962. Later Marshal of the Soviet Union and Minister of Defense (1987-1991).
Nikolai Sergeevich Leonov Senior officer of the First Directorate of the KGB. KGB resident in Nicaragua in 1962. Interpreter for Castro during May 1963 visit to USSR.
Leonid Ivanovich Sannikov Senior Lieutenant and Political Officer of the missile regiment which first deployed the R-12 in Cuba in 1962.
Igor Alexandrovich Amosov Soviet military attaché in Cuba 1966-71. Currently at the Institute of Military History (Moscow) and General Secretary for the Russian Commission of Military History.
Vadim Orlov Intelligence officer on Submarine B-59 at the quarantine line during the crisis.
Sergo Anastasovich Mikoyan Executive Secretary to his father, First Deputy Premier Anastas I. Mikoyan on trip to Cuba after the crisis. Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Latin America, Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation and editor of journal on Latin America.


1. Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz

2. Co. José Ramón Fernández, Presidente del Comité Organizador

3. Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada, Presidente Asamblea Nacional Poder Popular

4. Felipe Pérez Roque, Ministro de Relaclones Exteriores

5. Comandante de la Revolución Ramiro Valdés Menéndez

6. Comandante de la Revolución Guillermo Garcia Fries

7. Co. Jorge Risquet Valdés

8. General de División Efigenio Ameijeiras Delgado

9. General de División Enrique Lussón Battle

10. General de División Ramón Pardo Guerra

11. General de División Samuel C. Rodiles Planas

12. Co. Rogello Acevedo González

13. General de División Urbelino S. Betancourt Cruces

14. General de Brigada Amels Escalante Colás

15. Co. Guillermo Frank Llanes

16. Dr. Femando C. Vecino Alegret

17. Co. Moisés Sio Wong

18. Co. Gustavo Chui Beltrán

19. Co. Pedro Miret Prieto

20. Co. Raúl Curbelo Morales

21. Co. Joel Chaveco González

22. Co. Manuel de Jesús Rodríguez Quiñones

23. Lic. Jorge Martín Blandino

24. Co. Eduardo Delgado

25. Co. Armando Quiñones

26. Co. Fabián Escalante Font

27. Co. Aníbal Veláz

28. Co. José Galván García

29. Co. Israel Behar Dueñas

30. Car. José Buajasán Marrawi

31. Co. María Antonia Pantaleón

32. Co. Haydeé Díaz Ortega

33. Co. José Oroza Navera

34. Co. Gisela Doménech Benítez

35. Co. José Antonio Velga

36. Co. Alberto Santana

37. Co. Raul Alfonso Roldán

38. Co. Fernando Remírez de Estenoz, Viceministro Prímero del MINREX

39. Co. Rolando Alfonso Borges, Jefe Dpto. Ideológico Comité Central del PCC

40. Dr. Carlos Lechuga Hevia

41. Co. José A. Arbesú, Dpto. Relaciones Internacional del Comité Central del PCC

42. Co. Miguel Angel Díaz Ibañez, Funcionarlo del Comité Ejecutivo de Ministros


1. Dr. Sergio del Valle Jiménez

2. Co. Jorge Michel Taboada

3. Co. Miguel Torres Espinosa, Director de Cine ICAIC

4. Co. Miguel Alvarez, Asesor Presidente Asamblea Nacional Poder Popular

5. Ca. Josefina Vidal, Sección de Interess de Cuba en Washington

6. Excmo. Sr. Luciano Martins de Almeida, Embajador de Brasil en Cuba

7. Co. Juan Miguel Gonzalez, padre de Elián González


1. Lic. Jesús Bermúdez Cutiño, Jefe Centro de Estudios de Información para la Defensa

2. Co. Pedro Alvarez Tabío, Jefe Oficina de Asuntos Históricos del Consejo de Estado

3. Dr. José M. Barrios, Jefe Dpto. de Estados Unidos MINREX

4. Dr. Manuel Hevia Fresquieri, Director del Centro Investigaciones Históricas Seguridad del Estado

5. Lic.Tomás Diez Acosta, Investigador del Instituto de Historia de Cuba

6. Dr. Manual García Cuñarro, Investigador del Centro Estudios Información para la Defensa

7. Dra. Milagros Martínez Reigosa, Centro de Estudios sobre Estados Unidos

8. Dr. Jacinto Valdés Dapena, Investigador Centro Investigaciones Históricas Seguridad del Estado

9. Dr. José Luis Méndez, Centro Investigaciones Históricas Seguridad del Estado

10. Dr. Esteban Morales Domínguez, Investigador Centro Estudios sobre Estados Unidos

11. Lic. José A. Yanes Díaz, Dirección Política de las FAR

12. Lic. Jorge Hernández Garaboto, Investigador Centro Estudios Militares

13. Lic. Ricardo Calvo Aquila, Investigador Centro Estudios Militares

14. Lic. Osval Díaz Gómez, Investigador Centro Estudios Militares

15. Lic. Eduardo Gil Moreno, Investigador Centro Investigaciones Históricas de la Seguridad del Estado

16. Co. Rafael Daussá Céspedes, Director de América II del MINREX

17. Co. Amado Soto, Dpto. Ideológico del Comité Central del PCC

18. Dr. Eugenio Suárez, Dpto. Ideológico del Comité Central del PCC

19. Dr. Jorge Hernández Martínez, Director del Centro de Estudios sobre Estudos Unidos

20. Dr. Raúl Izquierdo Canosa, Presidente del Instituto de Historia

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