The Kissinger Transcripts : Photographs

Meeting beneath a painting of Mao in his study, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger confer with Zhou Enlai and other officials during Nixon's visit to Beijing, February 1972. National Security Council staffer Winston Lord is at Kissinger's right. Another NSC staffer, John Holdridge, is at Nixon's left. Foreign Ministry official Zhang Wenchin sits opposite Holdridge. (original at National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials Project)

Henry Kissinger and Zhou Enlai listen as Mao Zedong makes a point during Kissinger's visit to Beijing, 17 February 1973 (courtesy AP).

Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger meeting with Ambassador Huang Zhen (to Nixon's right), head of the People's Republic of China Liaison Office, 6 July 1973; translator Ji Chaozhu sits at Huang's right (original at National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials Project)

Henry Kissinger faces Deputy Premier Deng Xiaopeng and Foreign Minister Qiao Guanhua at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, 26 November 1974 (courtesy AP).

Henry Kissinger, Leonid Brezhnev (with translator Viktor Sukhodrev at his ear), Gerald Ford, and Andrei Gromyko during the Helsinki summit, July 1975 (original at Gerald Ford Presidential Library).

Anatoly Dobrynin looks on as Andrei Gromyko and Henry Kissinger shake hands prior to their talks in Geneva, July 10, 1975 (courtesy AP).

(L-R) Andrei Gromyko, Winston Lord, Viktor Sukhodrev, Leonid Brezhnev, (unknown), Henry Kissinger, and NSC staffer William Hyland prepare for talks at the Kremlin, 21 January, 1976 (courtesy AP).

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