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Image 8 - General Thomas Power - SAC's third commander-in-chief (1957-1964), Power presided over the integration of intercontinental ballistic missiles-consisting first of Atlas, then Titan and Minuteman, missiles-into SAC's forces. Power, like his successors, began wearing a second hat in 1960 when he became the first director of the Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff (JSTPS). Located at Offutt Air Force Base, the JSTPS has had responsibility for preparing the SIOP (Single Integrated Operational Plan), the U.S.'s body of plans for strategic nuclear war. Here he is shown "[making] a point during a briefing in the underground command post" at SAC headquarters. The chart mentions "Reflex Action" which was a SAC program to deploy alert B-47 bombers at bases in Spain, the United Kingdom, and Morocco. (Box 434)

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