1. Staff Memo: Overview of Tab I Materials
  2. Staff Memo: Documentation on the Plutonium Injection Experiments
  3. Attachment: Advisory Committee Staff Document Summary
  4. Attachment: Revised Plan of Product Part of Rochester Experiment
  5. Attachment: Correspondence: Hp 11
  6. Attachment: Excretion of Plutonium Administered Intravenously
  7. Attachment: Report by Patricia Durbin 12/9/71
  8. Attachment: Report by Patricia Durbin 12/10/71
  9. Attachment: Memo: Uranium Studies in Humans
  10. Attachment: Letter: Discussing Technical Details
  11. Attachment: Letter: Assistance With a Project
  12. Attachment: Briefing on Plutonium Project
  13. Staff Memo: NEPA Planning/TBI/Psychological Testing
  14. Attachment: Tabulation of Available Data Relative to Radiation Biology
  15. Attachment: NEPA Advisory Committee; Proceedings, 4/3/49
  16. Attachment: NEPA Advisory Committee; Proceedings, 5/14/49
  17. Attachment: NEPA Advisory Committee; Proceedings, 7/22/49
  18. Staff Memo: Legal Protection of Military R&D Contractors
  19. Attachment: Memo: Protection of Research Project Volunteers
  20. Attachment: Memo: Compensation of Volunteers, 10/27/47
  21. Attachment: Letter: J. Paul, Commission on Virus to Dr. Stokes
  22. Attachment: Letter: Dr. Stokes to Dr. C. McLeod, 2/11/48
  23. Attachment: Letter: C. Watson, M.D. to Army Epidemiological Board
  24. Attachment: Letter: Dr. Watson to Lt. Col. Bauer, Office of the Surgeon General
  25. Attachment: Coorespondence: Human Volunteers for Research Investigations
  26. Attachment: Memo: Applicability of Section 5, Public Law 557-82d Congress
  27. Attachment: Public Law 557-82d Congress
  28. Staff Memo: Questionnaire from HUMMRO Psychological Tests
  29. Attachment: Appendix A Summary of the Questionnaires
  30. Staff Memo: New Ethics Documentation
  31. Attachment: Experimental Use of Radioactive MAterials at AEC
  32. Attachment: Request for Comments and Reccomendations
  33. Attachment: Memo: Scty. of Army to the Chief of Staff
  34. Attachment: Ude of Human Experiment in Medical Research
  35. 10bb01: Genetic Changes in Human Sperm and Eggs
  36. 10bb02: Eggs Fertilized By Sperm Released in the Recovery Period
  37. 10bb03: Experimental Procedure: Plan of Work