1. Staff Memo: Official Classification Policy to Cover up Embarrassment
  2. Attachment: Report of the Board of Review, AEC
  3. Attachment: AR 320-5, 1938 Army Classification Guide
  4. Attachment: Security Manual, Manhattan District Classification Guide
  5. Attachment: Memo on Declassification Policy 5/26/47
  6. Attachment: Memo from Wilson to Fidler, 6/23/47
  7. Attachment: Establishing Criteria for Proper Classification of Information
  8. Attachment: Report of Meeting of Classification Board during week of 9/8/47
  9. Attachment: Medical Policy
  10. Attachment: Advisory Board on Medicine and Biology, Medical Policy
  11. Attachment: ACBM Minutes
  12. Attachment: Memo from Albert Holland to Shields Warren
  13. Attachment: 1948 Memo from Warren to Holland
  14. Staff Memo: Documentary Update on Marshall Islands
  15. Attachment: 1955 Memo to C. Dunham of the Division of Biology and Medicine
  16. Attachment: 1955 AEC Public Information Service
  17. Attachment: 1958 Memo from G. Dunning, DBM's Radiation Effects of Weapons Branch
  18. Attachment: Redetermination of Whole Body Contamination of Marshallese Natives
  19. Attachment: Telegram ref. Medical Resurvey at Rongelap
  20. Attachment: Letter from Dr. Conard to Charles Dunham
  21. Attachment: Letter from Dunham to Surgeon General of the Navy
  22. Attachment: Letter from Edward Held to Dr. Conard
  23. Attachment: Plans for 1959 Marshall Island Medical Survey
  24. Attachment: AEC Memo on Follow-up Medical Exams for Marshall Island Inhabitants
  25. Attachment: Letters from Dr. Conard to Dr. Dunham
  26. Attachment: Letter from Dr. Bruner to Dr. Conard
  27. Attachment: Letter from Dr. Conard to Dr. Bruner
  28. Attachment: Charles Dunham's memo
  29. Attachment: Letter Records Dr. Conard's Meeting with Mr. Nucker at the U.N.
  30. Attachment: Statement from Dr. Dunham "To the People of Rongelap"
  31. Staff Memo: Addendum to Documentary Update on Marshall Islands
  32. Attachment: 4/17/61: Letter from Dr. Conard to AEC
  33. Staff Memo: Documentary Update Concerning Human Experimentation
  34. Tab I-4 Staff Memo from ACHRE dated 1/10/95
  35. Attachment: Questionnaire from HUMMRO Psychological Tests and Attachment
  36. Attachment: DOD's Response to HUMMRO Questionnaire
  37. Attachment: 4/11/95 Letter from VA to ACHRE
  38. Attachment: ACHRE Request for Clarification of DNA Response
  39. Staff Memo: Robert Stone and the Nuremberg Code
  40. Attachment: Letter: Alan Gregg to Robert Stone
  41. Attachment: Irradiation of Human Subjects as Medical Experiment
  42. Attachment: Cancer Board Meeting, April 23, 1952
  43. Attachment: Cancer Board Meeting, May 21, 1952
  44. Staff Memo: July 1951 Army Conference on Atomic Weapons Tests
  45. Attachment: Conference at OCAFF: Past and Future Atomic Weapons Tests
  46. Staff Memo: Documentary Update on Proposed Human Experimentation
  47. Attachment: Guidance for the Control of Radiation Hazards in Uranium Mining
  48. 14bb01: Lagoon (Sketch #1)
  49. 14bb02: Lagoon (Sketch #2)
  50. 14bb03: Estimates of Number of Mines Producing Uranium Ore
  51. 14bb04: Lung Cancer Mortality between July 1955 and June 1965
  52. 14bb05: Observed and Expected Annual Lung Cancer Mortality