1. Staff Memo: Prospective Recommendation on Compensation for Research Injuries
  2. Attachment: Compensation for Research Injuries: Ethical and Legal Implications
  3. Attachment: Do Deserving subjects not Recieve Compensation?
  4. Attachment: The Nature and Extent of Research Related Injuries
  5. Attachment: Existing Remedies and their Limitations
  6. Attachment: Compensation for Research Injuries: Conduct and Experiment
  7. Attachment: Compensation for Research Injuries, Volume II
  8. Attachment: "Ballot" for Faxing
  9. Attachment: Selected Text from Women and Health Research
  10. 16bb01: Compensation for Research Injuries: Cover Page
  11. 16bb02: Different Images of the Research Subject
  12. 16bb03: Risk (and Risk-Spreading) as a Social Problem
  13. 16bb04: Human Guinea Pigs
  14. 16bb05: Critical Loopholes in the Consent Procedure
  15. 16bb06: Voluntary Participation in Research
  16. 16bb07: Subjects Participating in Research
  17. 16bb08: Distribution of Therapeutic/Nontherapeutic Projects
  18. 16bb09: Percent of all subjects Exposed to Four Invasive Procedures
  19. 16bb10: Assumption of Risk
  20. 16bb11: Administrative Burden and Costs
  21. 16bb12: Effects of Introducing a Compensation Program
  22. 16bb13: Evaluation of Insurance Alternatives
  23. 16bb14: Ethics of Compensation System for Research Injuries
  24. 16bb15: NTIS (End of Page)