1. List of Background Materials on Radiation Experiments
  2. Attachment: Approval of Use of Volunteer Soldiers
  3. Attachment: Authorization of Scientific Investigation of War Gases
  4. Attachment: Use of Radioactive Material As Weapon
  5. Attachment: Use of Radioactive Material As Weapon
  6. Attachment: Report Use of Radioactive Material as a Military Weapon
  7. Attachment: Report of Subcommittee of the S-1 Committee
  8. Attachment: Irradiation Treatment for Andrew E.
  9. Attachment: Meeting of the Interim Medical Committee of the AEC
  10. Attachment: Discussion of Ongoing Research Programs
  11. Attachment: Medical Experiments on Humans
  12. Attachment: Advisory Committee for Biology & Medicine, Ninth Meeting
  13. Attachment: Filed Claim for Pension
  14. Attachment: Report of the Advisory Committee on Biology & Medicine
  15. Attachment: Radiological Experiments On Human Test Subjects
  16. 3bb01: Interim Medical Advisory Organizational Chart