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  2. Tab B Advisory Committee Roster and Subcommittee Rosters
  3. Tab C Advisory Committee Staff Structure and Project Assignments
  4. Tab D Meeting Timetable, Report Deadlines and Locations
  5. Tab E "The Use of Radioactive Materials in Massachusetts from 1943-1973"
  6. Tab F Background Materials for Committee Briefing
  7. Tab G Chronology of Congressional Hearings Related to Human Research
  8. Tab H Agency Responses on Declassification
  9. Tab I Reports/Proposals from Outreach Subcommittee
  10. Tab J Initial Report on the CIA Document Search
  11. Tab K Methodological Review of Data Collection Efforts: NASA
  12. Tab L Ethics Follow-up
  13. Tab M Staff Memo: Information System Development
  14. Tab N Summary Reports Forms for "Markey Experiments"
  15. Tab O Total Body Irradiation
  16. Tab P Materials from Secretary O'Leary's 6/27/94 Press Conference