1. Background Reading Material
  2. The Task Force to Review Human Subjects Research
  3. The Task Force on Testing the Effect of Radiation on Human Beings
  4. Reports on Progress in Research
  5. Letters and Responses to Human Subject Research
  6. Task Force on Human Subject Testing and Research - Massachusetts
  7. Task Force on Human Subject Research - Materials
  8. Staff Memo: Selected Interviews conducted by J. Stannard
  9. Report: The Interviews (Appendix A)
  10. Staff Memo: Recently Proposed Congressional Legislation
  11. Federal Research Informed Consent Act (H.R. 3878)
  12. Radiation Experimentation Victims Act of 1994 (H.R. 4292)
  13. Radiation Experimentation Compensation Act (H.R. 3743)
  14. 4bb10: La Sources, Fig. 1 (graph)
  15. 4bb11: Studies in Boston, Denver, and Common Medical Procedures
  16. 4bb12: Common Medical Procedures
  17. 4bb13: Redacted Handwritten Patient Notes Dated 5/3/53
  18. 4bb14: List of Student Letters that Went Out To Patients
  19. 4bb15: Redacted Handwritten Patient List
  20. 4bb16: Handwritten Memo, Stafford Warren, 2/7/79
  21. 4bb17: Handwritten Memo, Stafford Warren, 2/7/79, pg. 2
  22. 4bb18: 33 Letters Sent, B-30