1. Staff memo: Draft Summary of Ethics Policy: HRE
  2. Staff memo: Draft outline for a "Functional History of HRE"
  3. Staff memo: "Early History of Government Regulation and Control of HRE"
  4. Excerpt from "Revised Tentative Minutes of March 13, 1949, Meeting"
  5. Excerpt from Memo: Review of Conference
  6. Memorandum to Advisory Board on Medicine and Biology
  7. Telegram from Dr. Shields Warren to Dr. John Lawrence
  8. Letter: S. Allen Lough to Various Doctors
  9. Letter: Dr. Shields Warren to Dr. R. Stone (July 11, 1949)
  10. Letter: Dr. Shields Warren to Dr. R. Stone (July 26, 1948)
  11. Letter: Carroll Wilson to Dr. Stafford Warren
  12. Memo: P. Aebersold to Committee Members on Isotope Distribution Policy
  13. Memo: P. Aebersold to A. Holland, Jr.
  14. Memo: J. C. Franklin to Carroll Wilson
  15. Minutes of November 10, 1950 meeting with AEC Advisory Board
  16. Letter: M. Boyer, AEC, to Robert LeBaron, Military Liasion Committee