1. Staff Memo: Human Experimentation With Atomic Bomb Test
  2. Joint Panel on the Medical Aspect of Atomic Warfare
  3. Program Guidance Report
  4. Research in Connection with Atomic Weapon Tests
  5. Report of Meeting, Oak Ridge, TN - February 24, 1952
  6. Joint Panel on the Medical Aspects of Atomic Warfare
  7. Development of Defense Biomedical Participation in Atomic Weapons Tests
  8. Flash Blindness - Project 4.5
  9. Operation UPSHOT-KNOTHOLE
  10. Recovery of Iodine and Strontium From Human Urine
  11. Participation in Selected Volunteer Program of Desert Rock V-7
  12. History of Air Force Atomic Cloud Sampling, Jan. 1963
  13. Operation PLUMBBOB (Project 2.9)
  14. Operation TEAPOT (1955)
  15. Staff Memo: Draft of Possible Ethical and Policy Questions
  16. Staff Memo: Historical Background on U.S. Nuclear Testing
  17. Location of Proving Grounds for Atomic Weapons
  18. Attachments and Appendix "Additional Test Sites"
  19. AEC 487-55. Proposed Additional Shot for UPSHOT-KNOTHOLE Series
  20. Troop Participation in Operation Tumbler-Snapper
  21. Draft Staff Paper on Troop Participation in Operation Tumbler-Snapper
  22. Memo from Gordon Dean to General Loper, dated April 2, 1952
  23. Recommendations for Biology and Medicine on the Nevada Ground Study
  24. 6bb01: Map of US Collection Stations
  25. 6bb02: Map of Stations For World Collection
  26. 6bb03: Decay Curve Demonstrating the Presence of Dotii I 131 and I 133
  27. 6bb04: Sample Aircraft Instrumentation
  28. 6bb05: Captain Charles S. Cadfield, Biophysics Division
  29. 6bb06: Fallout Data (Curies in Miles) Alt. Clouds
  30. 6bb07: Fallout Data-Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  31. 6bb08: Secret-Restricted Data (Atomic Energy Act of 1954)
  32. 6bb09: Hill Air Force Base, Ogden, Utah
  33. 6bb10: Scott Air Force Base, Belleville, IL.
  34. 6bb11: Camp Mercury, Nevada (X)
  35. 6bb12: Comparison of Background Count and Iodine Recovery
  36. 6bb13: Relationship Between I 131 and Sr 90 Activity, Fig13
  37. 6bb14: Relationship Between I 131 and Sr 90 Activity, Fig14