1. Tab B Advisory Committee Roster & Subcommittee Roster
  2. Tab C Advisory Committee Staff & Consultant Roster & Bios(New hires only) & Project Assignment List
  3. Tab D Meeting Time Table & Report Deadlines & Meeting Locations
  4. Tab E Staff Memo: Radiation Research With Health Adults: Overview & Experiments With Prisoners
  5. Tab F Staff Memo: Documentary Update on Human Experimentation/Data Gathering in Connection with Atomic Bomb Tests
  6. Tab G Staff Memo: Use of External Radiation of Patients: Analysis of Total-Body Irradiation Research on Radioresistant Cancers, 1940-74
  7. Tab H Staff Memo: Green Run Case Study
  8. Tab I Staff Memo: Update on Cincinnati Small Panel Meeting -- October 21, 1994
  9. Tab J Staff Memo: Background Materials on Mid-Century HHS Radiation Research Activities
  10. Tab K Staff Memo: Ethics Document Collection Follow-Up
  11. Tab L Staff Memo: Remedies
  12. Tab M Working List of Terms & Acronyms