1. Staff Memo: Plutonium Injection Experiment
  2. Attachment: Memo: Human Experiments
  3. Attachment: Memo: Adminstration of Radioactive Substances to Human Subjects
  4. Attachment: Experiment I on P. 49/4
  5. Attachment: Memo: Determination of Policy on Cases of Exposure
  6. Staff Memo: AEC's Review of Reports on Human Radiation Experiments
  7. Attachment: Medical Experiments on Humans
  8. Attachment: CH-3607: The Distribution of Plutonium in Excretion
  9. Attachment: Clearance of Technical Documents
  10. Attachment: Letter from AEC Information Service to Dr. R. Stone
  11. Attachment: H. Young, Information Div. to Dr. A. Holland
  12. Attachment: Letter from University of Rochester to B. Boardman
  13. Attachment: Letter from Medical Advisor Oak Ridge To Director Information Div.
  14. Attachment: Coorespondence from Wright Langham & Walter Claus
  15. Attachment: CH-3592: Uranium Excretion Studies
  16. Attachment: Memos: Review of Document, 8/48
  17. Attachment: Memo: Reclassification of Documents
  18. Attachment: Coorespondence: Declassification of Document
  19. Attachment: Document by Nickson & Papers by Dickie Hemplemann
  20. Attachment: Memo: Review of Document, 2/5/48
  21. Attachment: Memo: Review of Document, 10/15/48
  22. Attachment: Memo: Review of Document by Knowlton
  23. Attachment: Report of the Medical Board of Review
  24. Staff Memo: Update on VA Atomic Medicine Div.
  25. Attachment: Letter: Filem Badge Requirements
  26. Attachment: Letter from C. Gray to Major General H. Loper
  27. Attachment: Memo: Reccomendation For Award
  28. Staff Memo: Hidden Rules Governing Disclosure of Biomedical Research
  29. Attachment: Memo: Security Measures on Chemical & Biological Warfare
  30. Attachment: Excerpt From 1952 Defense Nuclear Agency History
  31. Staff Memo: Background Materials on VA Activities
  32. Attachment: Letter from Acting Chief Medical Director to S. Warren
  33. Attachment: Summary of Central Advisory Committee on Radioisotopes
  34. Attachment: Letter from A. Mosley to S. Warren
  35. Attachment: Progress Reports of Field Radioisotope Units
  36. Attachment: Article: "The Role of the Nurse in the Radioisotope Program"
  37. Attachment: Information Exchange Forms
  38. Attachment: Letter from F. Bauer to S. Warren