1. Staff Memo: Human Experimentation with Atomic Bomb
  2. Attachment: Recent Document Request submitted to LANL/DOE
  3. Attachment: Report for the First Manned Cloud Penetration
  4. Attachment: Operation Redwing: Briefing for Cloud Penetration
  5. Operation Redwing: Reporg for the Second Series
  6. Attachment: Operation Jangle: Tests of Service Equipment
  7. Attachment: Amounts in Volunteer Experimental Research Subjects
  8. Attachment: Operation Jangle: Evaluation of Potential Respiratory Hazard
  9. Attachment: Operation Teapot: Radiation Hazard
  10. 3pm01: Report Documentation Page
  11. 3pm02: Summary of Cloud Penetration Data
  12. 3pm03: Summary of Cloud Penetration cont'd
  13. 3pm04: Dose Rate, r/min Altitude, Thousand of Feet
  14. 3pm05: Comparison of Average Dose Rates in Apache
  15. 3pm06: Average Dose Rate, D, r/hr Time
  16. 3pm07: Conditions of Flight within the Radioactive Cloud
  17. 3pm08: Typical Plot of P Meter and Bioscel Data
  18. 3pm09: External Gamma Dose, Roentgen
  19. 3pm10: Beta Activity in Urine Samples
  20. 3pm11: External Gamma Dose, Roentgen
  21. 3pm12: Specific Beta Activity in Urine
  22. 3pm13: Specitic Beta Activity in Urine - Increase Activity
  23. 3pm14: Analysis of Urine for Plutonium
  24. 3pm15: Jangle - Tests of Service Equipment
  25. 3pm16: Individual Protective Cover
  26. 3pm17: Tent Clothing Racks with Protective Clothing
  27. 3pm18: Bag Filter Attached to WMC Contaminator
  28. 3pm19: Typical Chemical Uniform
  29. 3pm20: Area in which Teams of Men walked and crawled
  30. 3pm21: Areas in which Men walked and crawled cont'd
  31. 3pm22: Results of Contamination of Protective Clothing
  32. 3pm23: Results of Contamination of Protective Clothing cont'd
  33. 3pm24: Contamination of Coveralls Placed in Two Stationary Tanks
  34. 3pm25: Contamination of Coveralls worn by Crewmen
  35. 3pm26: Decay Factors for Correcting Activities to H Hour plus
  36. 3pm27: Contamination of Coveralls Placed in QMC Controlled Contaminator
  37. 3pm28: Nosepiece and Cotton Filter worn under Protective Mask
  38. 3pm29: Radioactivity Collected in M 11 Canister
  39. 3pm30: Chemical Corps Filter Sampler Installations
  40. 3pm31: Areas of Operation Following Shots
  41. 3pm32: Areas of Operation of Vehicles in Contaminated Areas