Richard Armitage
Deputy Secretary of State

Lt. Colonel Stuart Couch
Senior Prosecutor
Office of Military Commissions

Dr. Michael Gelles
Chief Psychologist
Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Colonel Steven Kleinman
Senior Intelligence Officer
U.S. Air Force

Martin Lederman
Legal Adviser, Department of Justice

Colonel Brittain Mallow
Criminal Investigation Task Force                                  

George Brent Mickum IV
Attorney, Spriggs & Hollingsworth LLC

Alberto Mora
General Counsel, U.S. Navy

Malcolm Nance
Chief of Training
U.S. Navy SERE

Major General Thomas Romig
Judge Advocate General, U.S. Army

Richard Shiffrin
Deputy General Counsel, Intelligence
Department of Defense

Clive Stafford Smith
Director, Reprieve
Legal Rights NGO

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson
Chief of Staff to Secretary of State


Former Detainees:

Bisher Al-Rawi
Detainee #906

Moazzam Begg
Detainee #558

Shafiq Rasul
Detainee #086