Torturing Democracy: Discussion Guide

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Click here to download the Study Guide to "Torturing Democracy" in PDF (3.6 MB).
The Study Guide was produced by the Choices for the 21st Century Program of the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University.
The Choices Program is a national education program that introduces substantive international content into the secondary school curriculum. Its mission is to empower young people with the skills, knowledge, and participatory habits to be engaged citizens who are capable of addressing international issues through thoughtful public discourse and informed decision making.
Choices develops print and digital teaching resources for the high school level on a wide range of international issues, offers professional development for high school teachers, and sponsors civic education programs for students that link the classroom to the world beyond. All Choices resources and programs explore complex international issues from multiple perspectives. Teachers nationwide are using Choices resources and programs in a range of courses, including U.S. history, world history, global studies, and government.

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