The U.S. Military Online

A Directory for Internet Access to the Department of Defense

2nd Edition (1998)

William M. Arkin

The U.S. Military Online (ISBN 1-57488-178-7, 256 p. paperback, illus., index), a National Security Archive book published by Brassey's (U.S.), is available from the publisher (1-800-776-2518) or online at and other booksellers.

Comments and Reviews
As featured on  MSNBC ("Covering the military via the Internet")

"An absolutely indispensable reference tool that needs to be on the shelf of everyone interested in national defense issues.  Bill Arkin has done a remarkable service by providing an Internet guide to all operational and academic organizations of the Department of Defense.  He puts a world of information at your disposal."
                                                                Col. Phillip Meilinger, Professor of Strategy, U.S. Naval War College

"Nobody knows the ins and outs of the American military establishment better than Bill Arkin, and now he's let us in on his secret.  Arkin has compiled all of the computer tricks of the trade into one volume and made it accessible to experts like he is and amateurs like me.  The U.S. Military Online is an indispensable roadmap to America's most complicated and important institution."
                                                                Seymour Hersh, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist

"Having spent years exploring the nether reaches of military cyberspace, I was dazzled by the number of precious gems unearthed by Arkin."
                                                                John Pike, WebMaster,  Federation of American Scientists

"Indispensable for any serious researcher in contemporary national security issues."
                                                                Foreign Affairs

"An excellent work that will reward users needing access to the military on the Internet."
                                                                American Reference Book Annual, 1997

"As a hot intelligence source, Arkin's book is indispensable."
                                                                 The Netley News

"The U.S. Military Online is probably better described as a 'decoding' of the official web sites of the various bases, commands, and activities ... presented in easily accessible form.

"One of the most comprehensive sources available."

"... Explanation of the military's complex structure and functions is one of its strong features.  Conscientiously used, the directory permits researchers the kind of access to materials that in the past could only be had in Washington."

"The first book to decipher the enormous '.mil' domain of the Internet ... an indispensable reference."
                                                                Link-Up: The Newsmagazine for Online Services, CD-ROM and the Internet

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