September 1970-July 1971
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Moments in the early stages of the Sino-American rapprochement as captured in photographs from the collections of the Nixon Presidential Materials Project, National Archives, College Park

1. Henry Kissinger and Zhou Enlai, 9 July 1971, during the secret trip

2. Kissinger and Chinese officials at the Great Wall, 26 October 1971, during Kissinger's second trip

3. Mao meets Nixon, 21 February 1972 (a photo airbrushed by the Chinese to conceal the presence, standing between Mao and Nixon, of Mao's personal secretary, Zhang Yufeng)

4. The Mao-Nixon meeting, 21 February 1972, from left: Zhou, interpreter Nancy Tang, Mao, Nixon, and Kissinger (the Chinese cropped from the photo the presence of Winston Lord, Kissinger's personal assistant--who had been sitting to Kissinger's left--in order to ease the annoyance of Secretary of State William Rogers, whom Kissinger had excluded from the meeting).

5. One of Nixon's substantive meetings with the Chinese, 23 February 1972. From left to right: Lord, Kissinger, Nixon, NSC China expert John Holdridge, Zhang Wenjin (adviser to Zhou), Zhou, Vice Foreign Minister Qiao Guanhua, unidentified notetaker

6. Nixon reviewing the trooops, probably on arrival at Hangzhou, 26 February 1972; Patricia Nixon and Zhou to his left; at the far left, Rogers

7.  Kissinger and Zhou toasting each other at the banquet at Hangzhou, 26 February 1972

8. Zhou spearing a delicacy for a seemingly perplexed Nixon, unidentified banquet