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From left, Peter Kornbluh, Joyce Battle, Malcolm Byrne and Tom Blanton in the National Security Archive's reading room. (By Kevin Clark -- The Washington Post)

For Immediate Release:
May 8, 2008

Washington Post Profiles the Archive

"The house that FOIA built and a mecca for documents buffs"

Documents "nothing short of astonishing"

For more information contact:
Thomas Blanton - 202/994-7000

Read the article from The Washington Post

"Top Secret: Eyes Only [Redacted]
In Its [ ] Offices, the National Security Archive Houses Stockpiles of [ ], Gotten from the Government by [ ]"

By Peter Carlson
The Washington Post
May 8, 2008

Washington DC, May 8, 2008 - Today's Washington Post devotes the cover of its Style section and a full inside page to the National Security Archive, which the Post calls "the house that FOIA built and a mecca for document buffs."

For the full text, photos and graphics, see the article on washingtonpost.com.

Reporter Peter Carlson calls Archive staff "a good advertisement for the dubious proposition that spending your entire adult life poring through government documents has a fountain-of-youth effect."

Among the Archive documents cited by the Post are the following:

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein greets Donald Rumsfeld, then special envoy of President Ronald Reagan, in Baghdad on December 20, 1983. Video of the handshake and memos from the meeting are available on the Archive Web site.

The Nixon-Elvis File

The CIA study of assassinations

The National Security Agency Gulf of Tonkin study

The "Polo Step" PowerPoint war plan for invading Iraq

The CIA Family Jewels

The 2007 "Defeating An Insurgency: Seminar War Game" (See also a previous Washington Post article on Iraq war games.)

White House E-Mail

Jenny Holzer's projections of Archive documents

The DIA profile of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet

CIA's secret history of the 1953 coup in Iran

January 2001 Richard Clarke memo to Condoleezza Rice on al-Qaeda

Donald Rumsfeld's 1983 meeting with Saddam Hussein

1994 Pentagon memo on jamming of radio broadcasts in Rwanda

The Archive's 20th anniversary posting: "20 years of 'Unearthing Major Revelations'"


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