1. Staff Memo: Intentional Releases
  2. Attachment: Memo: Public Release of Information
  3. Attachment: Press Release on Radiological Warfare Field Tests
  4. Attachment: Memo: Continued Secrecy about Radiological Warfare Tests
  5. Attachment: Description of Radio Lanthanum (RaLa) Experiment
  6. Attachment: H-I Program for Bayo Canyon Shot
  7. Attachment: Telegram on Publicity for Pantex Explosive Tests
  8. Attachment: Excerpt from Stannard on Fission Product Field Releases
  9. Attachment: Letter: Rep. Markey to Secretary O'Leary
  10. Attachment: History of Air Force Atomic Cloud Sampling
  11. Attachment: Los Alamos Report on Dosimetry of Kiwi Air Crews
  12. Attachment: Los Alamos Report on 1965 Kiwi Simulated Accident
  13. Attachment: Memo: Plutonium Contamination at the Nevada Test Site
  14. Attachment: Aerial Survey of Radioactivity
  15. 6bb17: Animal Tracer in Fission Product Field
  16. 6bb18: Kiwi-TNT Instrumented Array Extended ARCS
  17. 6bb19: Meteorological Conditions at 1000 PST, 01/12/65
  18. 6bb20: 1100 PST NRDS and 1115 PST Lathrop Wells Hodographs, 01/12/65
  19. 6bb21: Tetroon Tracks
  20. 6bb22: Upper Air Data: Jackass Flats, 1118 PST, 1/12/65
  21. 6bb23: Winds-Aloft DATA: Jackass Flats, 1/12/65
  22. 6bb24: Amargosa Farm Road, 1/12/65 (Pibal Measurements)
  23. 6bb25: Death Valley Junction, 1/12/65 (Pibal Measurements)
  24. 6bb26: Debris Collection Stations. (Long Range)
  25. 6bb27: Particle Collection Devices (Hopper)
  26. 6bb28a: Particle Size Microns. Fig.10
  27. 6bb28b: Particle Size Diameter. Fig.11
  28. 6bb28c: Particle Size Diameter in Microns. Fig.12
  29. 6bb29a: Particle Size Diameter in Microns. Fig.13
  30. 6bb29b: Log Mean Particle Diameter, Microns. Fig.14
  31. 6bb29c: Particle, Diameter, Microns. Fig. 15
  32. 6bb30a: Log Mean Particle, Diameter, Microns, Fig.16
  33. 6bb30b: Percent of Uranium in Particle Less Than Stated Size. Fig.17
  34. 6bb30c: Diameter of Log Mean Sieve Size (Mircons). Fig.18
  35. 6bb31: Total Fragments. Fig.19
  36. 6bb32: Concentration for Analyzed Sectors; Fragments/Sq.ft. Fig.20
  37. 6bb33: Variation of Neutron Flus with Distance, Figs. 21-22
  38. 6bb34: Integral Gamma and Neutron Data at 100 and 200 ft.
  39. 6bb35: Gamma Dose Obtained By Dosimetry Films
  40. 6bb36: Gamma Dose Obtained By Dosimetry Film contd.
  41. 6bb37: Distance from Test Point, Azimuth, Time, Post Event
  42. 6bb38: Time, Post Event. Fig.25
  43. 6bb39: Contaminations Patterns Determined by Monitor Surveys
  44. 6bb40: Comparison of Dosimetric Data
  45. 6bb41: Variations of Dose Rate With Distances
  46. 6bb43: Calculations of Components of Total Exposure
  47. 6bb44: Components of Radiation Exposure vs. Distance. Fig.31
  48. 6bb45a: Cloud Altitude vs. Time (Logarithmic Plot). Figs.32-33
  49. 6bb45b: Cloud Diameter vs. Time. Fig.34
  50. 6bb46: Cloud Altitude vs. Time(Least-squares plot)
  51. 6bb47: Air Sampling Station. Intermediate. Fig.36
  52. 6bb48: Long Range. Fig.36 cont'd
  53. 6bb49: Sampler Locations
  54. 6bb50: Measured Dosages and Deposition Concentration
  55. 6bb51: Measured Disages and Deposition Concentration
  56. 6bb52: Deposition Velocities in Centimeters Per Second
  57. 6bb53: Airborne Particle Size Data
  58. 6bb54: Cloud Passage Effects
  59. 6bb55: Hypothetical Ground Deposition Effects
  60. 6bb56: Dosage from Airborne particle and Gaseous Activities
  61. 6bb57: Activity on Resin-Coated Trays
  62. 6bb58: Crosswind Dosage - 8,000ft. arc and 16,000 ft. arc
  63. 6bb59: Crosswind Dosage - 32,000ft arc and 64,000ft. arc.
  64. 6bb60: Crosswind Dosage - 128,000ft arc and 256,000ft. arc.
  65. 6bb61: Centerline Whole Body Dose and Adult thyroid Inhalation Dose
  66. 6bb62a: Centerline Disposition Dose Rate
  67. 6bb62b: Calculated Source Strength Values vs. Distance
  68. 6bb62c: Comparison of Cloud Data with Theoretical Predictions
  69. 6bb63: Cloud Track
  70. 6bb64: Flight Path of Cloud Tracking Aircraft
  71. 6bb65: Decay Curve Data. Impact on the Neighborhood
  72. 6bb66: Downwind USPHS Sampling and Monitoring Locations
  73. 6bb67: Milk Sampling Locations
  74. 6bb68: Dose Rate Monitored Off the Test Range Complex
  75. 6bb69: Air Samples with Positive Results
  76. 6bb70: Geometric Relationships Assumed in Determining Cloud Dimensions
  77. 6bb71: Cloud Dimension Data