1. Staff Memo: Radiation Research With Healthy Adults: Overview
  2. Staff Memo: Experiments on Prisoners
  3. Attachment: Oregon State Penitentiary Agreement
  4. Attachment: Effect of Ionizing Radiation on the Human Testes (Copyright)
  5. Attachment: Study of Irradiation Effects On the Humas Testes
  6. Attachment: Consent to Controlled Irradiation
  7. Attachment: Draft Medical Protocol
  8. Attachment: Prisoners in Medical Experiments (Copyright)
  9. Attachment: Abstract of Proceedings of House of Delegates
  10. Attachment: Effects of Ionizing Radiation; Project Report
  11. Attachment: Factsheet Human Experimentation
  12. Attachment: In the United States District Court for Oregon
  13. Attachment: National Symposium on Radiation in Space
  14. Attachment: Policy of the Pacific Northwest Research Foundation
  15. Attachment: Meeting of the Review Committee for Investigations Concerning Human Subjects
  16. Attachment: Letter: To Dr. J. Potter
  17. Attachment: Minutes of the Committee On Human Studies
  18. Legislative Testimony: Heller, Bill
  19. Protection of Human Subjects Code of Federal Regulations
  20. 8bb17: Summary of Radiation Effects upon Germinal Cells
  21. 8bb18: Time of Beginning Historical Recovery
  22. 8bb19: Spermatogenis, Spermatocytes, Spermatics (Table I)
  23. 8bb20: Student 'T' Test to Analyse Data
  24. 8bb21: Subject V 199 - Time After Irradiation
  25. 8bb22: Reference, Method and Mean - SD Range re. Normal Male