Major General Geoffrey Miller

Commander, JTF-GTMO

Major General Geoffrey Miller, a career Army artillery officer, was named commander of both detention and interrogation operations at Guantanamo in September 2002. At the prison camp he referred to as an "interrogation battle lab," General Miller presided over the implementation of increasingly harsh interrogations, many of them based on the tactics used in SERE anti-torture training for U.S. military personnel. In August 2003, as the guerrilla insurgency in Iraq exploded, General Miller was dispatched by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to Baghdad. There, he told the general in charge of U.S. prisons that he was going to "gitmoize" the operations. When the abuse at Abu Ghraib was first reported to the Pentagon in early 2004 - but had not yet become public - General Miller was transferred to Iraq to take command of operations at Abu Ghraib. He retired from the Army in 2006.

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