1. Staff Memo: Human Experimentation at Atomic Bomb Tests: Army Proposal
  2. Proposed Project Regarding Blast Injury Evaluation
  3. Amendment to Proposed Project Regarding Blast
  4. Detailed Explanation of AFSWP Comments of Feasibility of Human Volunteer Program
  5. Staff Memo: Documentation on Worker Studies at Los Alamos & Oak Ridge
  6. Review of Document by Knowlton
  7. Analyses of Q-Building Blood Counts
  8. Letter from Gordon Dunning to Thomas Shipman, 7/16/54
  9. Letter to Gordon Dunning from Thomas Shipman, 7/21/54
  10. Memo: Proposed Toxicological Studies
  11. Staff Memo: Post World War II Recruitment of German Scientists, Project Paperclip
  12. Leslie Groves' Memo to War Department dated 11/27/46
  13. Biography of Herbert Gerstner
  14. Commandant, School of Aviation to Surgeon General, USAF
  15. Memo to USAF Intelligence, School of Aviation Medicine
  16. Memo to Director of Intelligence from Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency
  17. Letter to State Department from Joint Intelligence Objective Agency
  18. 1947 U.S. Intelligence Assessment
  19. Excerpt from Strunghold Immigration Forms
  20. Excerpt from Strunghold Civil Service Form
  21. Contemporary Environmental Oversight of Classified Programs
  22. Letter re: ACHRE Request to EPA
  23. Response to ACHRE from EPA
  24. Letter to EPA re: FOIA Request, dated 5/21/94
  25. Letter from EPA re: FOIA Request, Dated 6/9/94
  26. 13bb04: 1952 Civil Service Form