1. Staff memo: Ethics Data Collection and Follow-Up
  2. Minutes of Advisory Committee on Radiation Tolerance of Military Personnel
  3. "Irradiation of Human Subjects as a Medical Experiment"
  4. Letter: NEPA Medical Advisory Committee to Dr. R. Melling
  5. Memo: Under Secretary to the Navy to Secty. of Defense
  6. Memo: C. Behrens to the Deputy and Asst. Chief of the Bureau
  7. Memo: Asst. Secty. of the Army to the Director of Medical Services
  8. Meeting of Advisory Board of Div. of Biology and Medicine, AEC
  9. Coorespondence Regarding AEC Position on Experimentation
  10. Memo: B. Schur, AEC to Dr. Lunham, Div. of Biology and Medicine
  11. Memo from Secty. of Army to the Chief of Staff
  12. Memo: Army Chemical Center
  13. SOC for Procurement and Use of Military Volunteers
  14. Volunteer's Participation Agreement Form
  15. Memo: R. McIntire to Officer-in-Charge of the Naval Lab
  16. Sample: Consent to Participate Voluntarily in RDT&E Procedure
  17. Rapid Diagnosis and Treatment of Bacterial Meningitis
  18. Reccomendations of the Naval Committee for Protection of Human Subjects
  19. Memo: Bureau of Medicine and Surgery to Bureau of Aeronautics
  20. 5bb02: Research and Technology Work Unit Summary